At Karmatize, all projects (however small or big) go through four distinct stages in their life-cycle; Planning, Design & Development, Implementation and Support.


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The first step of any successful project is to define your goals & objectives and to translate these into a comprehensive project blueprint.

We work with you to analyze your objectives and refine your plans through the development process. Together we determine who exactly you are designing the product for and what those users require.

Planning is the blueprint for success and the key to keeping the project focused on the agreed upon goals and deliverables.

"Web projects are often approached as a "technology problem," and projects can get coloured from the beginning by enthusiasms for particular web techniques, not by human or business needs that emerge from engaging users in the development process."

Design & Architecture Development

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    Design & Architecture Development

At this stage, an inventory of all the content is performed while the design & information architecture is developed.

Ahead of designing the product, it is imperative that the information architecture and content is finalized. For web site development, this means that the sitemap, wireframes and web site content must be completed before any work on the design begins. This ensures that the design can be tailored to the content and site structure.

The components of this stage are all equally important as they represent the only interaction between the product and the user.

"Design, information architecture and content is all that the user will ever get to see. A bad design can easily discourage users away from the great content. Therefore, it is all three or nothing."


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Our third stage is defined as the realization or execution of the project blueprint.

At this mature stage, the majority of the project development is completed and content is finally added. Once this is done, the user testing begins. The testing consists of various bug fixing, typographic corrections, design critique and so on. Efficient testing ensures that the product is spotless and that any loose ends have been eliminated.

Only after the product has been thoroughly tested and refined is it ready for launch.

"With detailed information architecture, mature content components, fully tested wireframes and prototypes, and a polished page design specification you will minimize the content churning, redundant development efforts, and wasted energy that inevitably result from rushing to the implementation stage too soon."


  • Our Process - Maintenace


The final stage is considered ongoing for the remainder of the product’s life.

Unlike other marketing firms, we do not abandon our product once it has gone live and the launch parties are over. Quite the opposite is the case. With powerful analytical tools, we are able to evaluate the product on a regular basis and report our conclusions to the client. This enables our client to stay ahead of the competition and get a better understanding of what’s working and what’s not.

Additionally, we make sure that proper backups are taking place and that the product is firing on all cylinders.

"Don’t let your product go stale by starving it of resources after it has launched. Your initial audience may become disappointed and abandon it altogether."