Earthworks Energy


Earthworks Energy Inc. provides full turnkey solutions for utilities who are seeking renewable power generation supply. They have over 100 years of cumulative experience, and operate in Canada, Turkey and Peru.

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Services Performed

  • Information Architecture
  • Creative Design
  • Ongoing Support


"We had a short timeframe and lots of requirements to meet, but KARMAtize delivered on-time with a professional and highly functional site that addressed everything that we needed."

Todd Anderson, Vice-President, Earthworks Energy

We were approached by Todd Anderson, Vice-President of Earthworks Energy, just three weeks before the company was about to make several major presentations across Canada. Earthworks Energy needed a professional web presence that would give their potential clients a good first impression, while providing an important asset to their existing stakeholders.

In the end, our careful planning allowed us to deliver the project on-time and that also met every requirement. Earthworks Energy delivered their presentations across Canada and they were able to use the website as a resource for potential clients to find out more information.