K&K Recycling Services


K&K Recycling provides scrap recycling services to its industrial accounts and individuals as well as customized solutions for large OEM's.

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Services Performed

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Creative Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Ongoing Support

K&K Recycling was servicing large industrial clients, but their online presence was severely lacking. Their original site consisted of two pages that were completely image based, which meant that they were not appearing on any search engines. They needed a website that better represented their professionalism and expertise.

We started by first developing a solid content strategy for the company, which would help determine how the site would be structured but also aide in getting their search ranking up. Since the previous site had none, we were essentially starting from scratch from an information architecture standpoint as well as an SEO point of view. Once we had content to work with, we developed a look & feel that was consistent with their environmentally friendly approach.

Since launch, K&K Recycling has seen their traffic surge through organic searches as well as a spike in people inquiring about their services.