Using a customized consultation process, MediScio identifies skilled medical advisors to help people get the expertise they need.

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Services Performed

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Creative Design
  • Custom Web Programming
  • Ongoing Support


"Karmatize went above and beyond what was expected. They delivered a product which satisfied our every requirement. Would recommend them to anyone looking for similar services."

Denny DePetrillo, Founder, MediScio

MediScio needed help getting their idea off the ground. They wanted to leverage the Internet to provide a place where prospective clients could learn more about what they do as well as to get in touch with them.

We focused on providing a seamless browsing experience from page to page, which allowed us to channel users methodically through the site. This would give prospective customers a good idea of what the company offered as well as lead them to the contact page to get more information.

Overall, the website has generated substantial buzz for the company and has been instrumental in generating new leads.