Privacy Policy

Karmatize respects your right to privacy. You are entrusting us with your personal information, and we understand that you may have concerns about privacy issues on the Internet.

Protecting the privacy of our clients as well as visitors to our site is one of our most important jobs.

Your personal information, although it is shared with the Karmatize, belongs to you. When we refer to “personal information”, we mean any information identifiable to you, whether it concerns your email address, your name or phone number.

When you use our contact forms, we collect your name and email so that we can respond to your request and provide you with information about Karmatize services.

Karmatize uses Google Analytics to track how visitors use our site. This might include information like the average time spent on a page, the visitor’s geographic area and what times of the day have the heaviest traffic. None of these statistics will ever reveal any personally-identifiable or individual information. This information allows Karmatize to better serve it’s customers and use its marketing resources more efficiently.